Two good friends, putting heart and soul into their passions. What a way to live.

Jack Fearon and Benjamin Wright. Livin large x 


I usually wouldn’t take advantage of a situation like this, but the contrast between the life I was living, where I was, and how this man was living warranted this experimental under going. 

Broad daylight, close to lunch, people eating, talking, buying, working. City life. Medellin. 


Two days straight on a bus into the sprawl of the Bolivian amazon. You begin to appreciate every moment for what it really is. 


Pink flamingo’s aren’t as exciting as they are made out to be. They stand, and turn their heads. They are pink. That say’s it all. 

It was a beautiful sunset nonetheless. The lakes changed from blue to pink to green to red, and as the sunset fell, the colour faded too. 

I camped in a salt block building that night. It was cold and dark, perfect with a glass of wine and the stars. 


Canon Del Colca, the home of the Andean Condor. Its wings spanning 3.2m across, third in ranking after the Great White Pelican 3.5m across and the Wandering Albatross with a wing span of 3.6m. We saw a family of six Condor that day. They double backed for one last look, delivering a display yet to be marvelled. 


Days couldn’t get any better than this. Cartagena, Colombia. 


Which way do I run this Matty Rabbidge? 

Scoundrel, annoying, charming, happy, boisterous, modest, spirited, pestering, rowdy, sunny, breezy, confidant. 

He’s a good bloke doing good things. x 


Nile Rogers performing with his 1970’s band Chic. So effortlessly impressive. 

64710005I don’t think a day went by in Cuzco when i didn’t wake up to the most amazing light.


New years eve was so much fun. Don, Kate, Eluan, Nick and Ben x 

64630028 The biggest squash court I have ever seen, in the smallest town I have ever been. Bolivia.


Coral formations on the Salar de Uyuni. One of the most breathtaking places on earth. located on the Bolivian Altiplano, the desert sits at 3,652 metres above sea level, engrossing 10,582 square kilometres. 


Playa Blanca. Spearfishing in the morning, drinking in the night, swimming in between. Seven days straight. 

64730005 The train ride from Buenos Aires to San Isidro is around a 45 minute journey. In that span of time, you encounter countless commuters, cross paths with favelas containing people who live in complete marginality, get pushed, shoved and glared at. And then sometimes, you relax, and let it all wash over you.


Mitzi supported Nile Rogers and Chic on their Australian tour. My second favourite performance by Mitzi. Splendour in the Grass just couldn’t be beaten. 

Cale getting ready to go on stage.