This street and its adjoining brothers and sisters provided some of the most beautiful scenery. Potosi’s high altitude gives little resistance to the glare from the sun, this matched with a cloudy day, made the pastels more buttery than ever. 


2011. ‘The Babe Rainbow’ formerly ‘The Otchkies’ and Jordan from ‘The Family Jordan’. Last but not least; the formidable Benjamin Wright  


I can’t get over how beautiful that tree is in the background. Mauve, Orchid or lavender blush?


Sam Morgan. 2010? 2011? 2014? who would know, this dude is awesome and he’s just as rad then, as he is now. 


A magical place brought to light each day by the beaming sun, striking through the Sungate. In an hour from now Machu Picchu would be a sprawl of tourist infestation. With a maximum of 2000 tourists allowed through the gates each day, you must have stamina to climb the steps before the masses arrive by bus. 

While visiting Machu Picchu I was told that the site is eroding at an alarming rate. My first response was to put immediate blame on the likes of myself and fellow travellers for stampeding the wonder, to my surprise it was not the tourists, but the torrential rain. 


Odd Future 2012. Every time I look through this album I find a new face. Last week it was a young Sean Bate, then a passer by, now a good friend. today its open shirted Jordan struggling to get to the centre of the ‘fun’. 


Two good friends, putting heart and soul into their passions. What a way to live.

Jack Fearon and Benjamin Wright. Livin large x 


I usually wouldn’t take advantage of a situation like this, but the contrast between the life I was living, where I was, and how this man was living warranted this experimental under going. 

Broad daylight, close to lunch, people eating, talking, buying, working. City life. Medellin. 


Two days straight on a bus into the sprawl of the Bolivian amazon. You begin to appreciate every moment for what it really is. 


Pink flamingo’s aren’t as exciting as they are made out to be. They stand, and turn their heads. They are pink. That say’s it all. 

It was a beautiful sunset nonetheless. The lakes changed from blue to pink to green to red, and as the sunset fell, the colour faded too. 

I camped in a salt block building that night. It was cold and dark, perfect with a glass of wine and the stars. 


Canon Del Colca, the home of the Andean Condor. Its wings spanning 3.2m across, third in ranking after the Great White Pelican 3.5m across and the Wandering Albatross with a wing span of 3.6m. We saw a family of six Condor that day. They double backed for one last look, delivering a display yet to be marvelled. 


Days couldn’t get any better than this. Cartagena, Colombia. 


Which way do I run this Matty Rabbidge? 

Scoundrel, annoying, charming, happy, boisterous, modest, spirited, pestering, rowdy, sunny, breezy, confidant. 

He’s a good bloke doing good things. x 


Nile Rogers performing with his 1970’s band Chic. So effortlessly impressive. 

64710005I don’t think a day went by in Cuzco when i didn’t wake up to the most amazing light.